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Holiday Bungalow  "Twas the Night Before Christmas" - Product Image
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Holiday Bungalow "Twas the Night Before Christmas"

Plays "Let It Snow". Filled with action, this musical masterpiece is a charming home to the "Twitchtail" family of mice, who eagerly await Santa's arrival. A tiny family member peeks from behind a post to watch Santa riding to and fro on a new rocking horse. The toys come to life, moving, spinning, and parading around Santa! Upstairs, Papa opens the window to look out while Mama turns to hush him, then turns to check on the baby who's gently rocking in the cradle. Tiny lights festively adorn the Christmas trees and the roof line, while others illuminate the second floor lid, first floor ceiling and glowing fireplace coals. Entire coffee botcan be turned on it's Lazy Susan base. 11 1/2" high Manufactured 1994
Price: $800.00 

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