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Grape Expectations - Product Image
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Grape Expectations

Plays "Funiculi Funicula". Everyone works at the De-Mouse Brothers Winery - harvesting, stomping, and making the barrels for the wine! Mme De-Mouse twists as she attends the barrel tap, the win "flows", and the wine taster twists about. The bottling machine revolves and filled bottles are placed on the storage rack by another twisting mouse. Anthony Mousealini very capably operates the revolving bottling machine, while across the room, Cousin Alfonzo carefully places the bottles of wine on the rack to age. Mama Mousealini gingerly twists the handle of the tap to start the new wine flowing. Every delicious drop is caught by Georgia who holds his barrel beneath the flow and hopes for a sample of the bubbly before anyone catches him in the act. Each barrel is hand made at this winery and Uncle Luigi busily forges each slat while Papa Mousealini tastefully savors a sample of the newest vintage. After the grapes are plucked from the Mousaelini Vineyard, it is up to the fragile feet of Sophia to delicately stomp the harvested grapes. She lifts her skirt in a lady like gesture and moves up and down in a rhythmic ritual. All this activity (8 actions in all) is illuminated so you don't miss a drop of the action! Approx 7 1/2" high 1992
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